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how do you become a builder
What about a Anti Torr software?
do you think its possible to get a cactus growing buff for faction?
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Summer Sale 2014

DarkNessLord atag posted Jun 16, 14

30% OFF sale on all items in the server store until July 20! This is our biggest sale of the year so be sure to not miss out. Have fun and thanks for reading.
XXxscytherXXx Thomas, Love the new kitpvp <3
PixelGlitcher7 i also got magma trail
PixelGlitcher7 I bought unban why am i not unbaned


DarkNessLord atag posted Jun 5, 14
Hello players, you're all probably wondering when's the reset and everything but I don't know, also I have changed my mind on the ultimate prison, what's going to happen is this prison will stay op and I will just be making a new one. So we will have 3 prison in total, there still will be a reset I don't know when but there will be, I Belive it will be a lot more fun for everyone after. I know many of you want it to reset now but I just don't have a world done for it, I am planning to work on it all week and hopefully release it at the end but I'm not sure. Thank you for being patient with me and have a nice day :).
crazystoner33 Where did Prison go?? I am hoping when it's back on I still have my paid for ranks, since I only bought them 6 weeks ago ...
mathewseath@gmail.com see after reset can you make plots bigger
liam78654309 Yo Theres only 2 Prisons?

Ultimate Prison

DarkNessLord atag posted Jun 1, 14

As you know OP-Prison will be resetting BUT it wont only be resetting it will be complacently redone! This is a Prison i have never seen on any other server, I call it "Ultimate Prison"!

What is Ultimate Prison you may ask? Ultimate prison is ranks 1-100! We will be using Roman numerals so it will be I-L.

All donor rank's will stay just with different name's that i find a lot cooler then the previous ones!

We unfortunately don't have a estimated time for release; but it will be soon! All the configs are done were just waiting on build's (No pressure BU1LD)

We are hoping you all enjoy this new prison which will be released very soon! Remember if you reach the highest rank; stock up on money so when new rank's are released you can rank up right away!
CrazyMitch how do I PLAY grrrrr
cabo2002 Can you guys please update the server

DarkNessCraft Servers

DarkNessLord atag posted Apr 30, 14
Hey Guy's! I know you all been patently waiting for the other servers to come out so i'm going to tell you what's up with them:

The GTA Server may be more of a long time project just because i'm not quite sure how I want it to be. After I do that I can get all the region's set up which will also take a while. I'm sorry but at this moment in time i cannot give a time that it will be out.

The KitPvP server if you may of noticed is down. The reason for this is because all the player data reseted. We are trying to figure out the problem and upgrade the plugin while were out it, Depending on when my developer is available the server should be up soon.

As you see I will be adding a new prison server just because i wanted to do so much with the one I have but there are just too meany of you (Not complaining!). Estimated time depends on what i want to do with this prison, I have a pretty good idea but i'm not fully sure.

Towny server will be out hopefully soon but i have to find out what is happening with the plugin's and what cool idea's to add.

Skyblock is being build at this very moment! I still need to get the plugin's ready but it will be soon asap!

Thanks for all the support on DNC, You are the reason it stands today! Now go back on and have fun!

dagazar dark could u do me a favor? on da reg prison can u reset me back to a and clear my money and invo and give me starter k ...
dagazar with prison you should have like /kit inmate or what ever rank u are and if u donated on any other server u get /feed au ...
XXxscytherXXx make it stone so it would be more fun !


DarkNessLord atag posted Apr 10, 14
Hey guys! The server will be upgrading AGAIN to this:

- Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 (4 Cores, 8 Threads (3.7GHz Freq.))
- 64GB of DDR3 Ram
- Various Hard Drive Options (Checkout for detail)
- 1 Gbps Down | 300 Mbps Up Unmetered Connection

I know you may not think its necessary but this means even more servers for you to play on! Don't worry everything will stay. Have a nice day and we will be back ASAP!

cabo2002 Can you make server 1.7.8
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